Below, you can find a number of projects we have completed.

Project 1:

Respirator or anaesthesia tool

The respirator or the anaesthesia tool is a good example of an INEL project. During an operation, it provides artificial respiration for animals with a lung volume of 0.5-16 litres.
The product, the first in a series of four, is the result of cooperation between INEL, SW techniek and Veterinary Technics. The tool is for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. Experts from various disciplines cooperated during the design phase. Mechanics, electronics and computer technology were important pillars of the development process.

Project 2:



Leakage detection system for
storage areas for chemical products
and for storage and pump rooms



In cooperation with Nerotec and Vink Kunststoffen, we developed a leak detection system for use in confined spaces. The measurements are based on conductivity. An interesting characteristic of this system is that it periodically checks itself to make sure it still works correctly.
Ten sensors can be connected to the leak detection unit. The sensor signals are checked and measured. Once a sensor has been connected and detected, the Eeprom back-up memory saves the sensor’s data. The data is only saved during a power-up or a periodic check.

The unit has three outputs, which can be used to indicate the device’s status by means of three lights:

  • Output 1 is for the green light: Safe status
  • Output 2 is for the amber light: Warning status (the sensor is not working correctly)
  • Output 3 is for the red light: Alarm status (there is a leak)


The unit has two relay outputs for external detection of the device’s status:

  • Relay 1 activated: NO leak alarm
  • Relay 2 activated: the sensor works CORRECTLY

Both relays have a fail-safe setting: both relays are placed in the alarm setting if the power to the unit gets cut off.

Project 3:

Aqua Easy Flow Control

The question of whether we were able to develop a product to monitor the flow in a public swimming pool resulted in the development of the Aqua Easy Flow Control. The customer was Pomaz BV, a leading wholesaler for swimming pools and spas in the Benelux.

The old situation

In the old situation, it was normal for the filter pump to run 24 hours a day. For most of the day, the pump ran at a slow speed. It normally ran at three different rotational speeds (Hz).

How does it work?

It is more practical, more precise and more efficient to control the filter pump based on the desired capacity and speed. That is possible with the Aqua Easy Flow Control. You set the desired capacity and the Aqua Easy Flow Control ensures that the filter pump achieves the desired capacity, regardless of the conditions that may have an influence on the pump achieving that capacity (for example, a dirty filter). You can compare the Aqua Easy Flow Control to a car’s cruise control: the speed is the starting point. Cruise control keeps the car at the set speed and adjusts the power when going uphill or downhill.


Aqua Easy Flow Control

• A digital flow meter and flow regulator in one control device for pipes measuring ø 50-315 mm.

• Controls the filter pump based on preset flow rates.

• Three freely programmable flow rates.

• Choice of three different units (m³/h, l/h and m/s).

• Configurable upper and lower limits per flow rate (alarm signal).

• Fully compatible with the Aqua Easy Pool Control 2.

• Can optionally be fitted with an RS232 communication port for an extra read-out or for connecting to home automation.

Project 4:


Boxwatchers: perfect design for Self-Storage. My Self-Storage is protected by Boxwatcher!

This redesign was achieved in cooperation with SC Solutions.

What is Boxwatcher?

Boxwatcher is a passive, infrared motion detector that can be installed in any storage space. Boxwatcher contains a microprocessor that makes it possible to configure the sensitivity of each individual Boxwatcher.

How does it work?

Boxwatcher continuously scans for motion. If it detects motion at a time that there should not be any, it transmits a detection signal.

Boxwatcher reacts to:

 • Motion.
• Changes in light intensity.
• Any kind of sabotage.

If a person renting a storage unit enters the PIN code or proximity tag at the entrance to the storage facility’s building, the PIN code or proximity tag is linked to the person’s and the Boxwatcher’s storage unit. Boxwatcher then ignores any motion in this specific unit.